Changing Lives With the Love of Jesus

    Mission and Vision

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    Our Mission - Changing Lives with the Love of Jesus

    Looking for a place to serve a hurting world? Here at Peace Lutheran, lives are changing through the love of Jesus.  Our foundation is laid on Jesus and God's Word, our worship is genuine and heart-felt, and we take seriously the privilege He has given us to feed the hungry, serve the poor, and care for the homeless. Whether through mission trips to other countries or through social ministry for those in our own backyard, the people of Peace are committed to changing the world by living the love of Jesus. Why not come join us?

    Our Vision - Live the Love

    Our goal is to see people of all ages engaged in a deep and growing relationship with God in deep, growing relationships with one another.  We want to see followers of Jesus growing into Christ-likeness.  We want to deploy an ever-growing number of people into the world to serve others in the name of Jesus.