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    What we do...

    The Family Faith Ministry team was created to support, in many forms, the family in all its forms…the single mom, the married couple with kids, the single man with nieces and nephews, and more. Our goal is to help all families grow in their faith in Christ. We work alongside other ministries at Peace, to provide studies, activities and resources so that worship is intentionally brought from the church into the home.

    How we do it...

    • We provide resource tables at Peace events with information to take home.
    • We offer short-term Bible studies covering diverse topics such as parenting, growing your faith, volunteerism and much more!
    • Memento gifts are provided for baptism and confirmation.
    • We’re developing more ideas all the time to support our mission. Maybe you’ll have the next great inspiration!

    You can do it, too...

    Feel free to join in our Bible studies or check out our event resource tables at any time.

    If you’d like to get further involved, join our team! We meet throughout the year at Peace to plan our next event, Bible study or brainstorm how we can support other ministries. Please contact for more information.

    We’d love to help you build your faith to new heights, at church and at home!

    Director of Family Ministry
    (630) 627-1101113
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